When It Comes to Training, We Bring a World of Benefits to Your Doorstep


When learning, we naturally say, "Show me". Employees SEE exactly how things should be done when learning with multimedia such as Video, CD-ROM, DVD or Intranet Web Sites. These tools increase efficiency, while saving time and money. In-Focus Communications will help you decide the most cost-effective tools to use.

Benefits of Multi-Media Training

  • Free up managers' valuable time, so they don't have to dispense the same information over and over, often in different cities.
  • Cut travel costs. Training that is video taped can be sent to employees, saving thousands in travel costs while reducing many hours away from the office.
  • Improve Quality Control. Training that is produced on video, cd-rom, etc. insures that employees get the correct, necessary information every time.
  • If the training is not retained, what good is it? Video taping a trainer insures that your employees have a quick, inexpensive reference tool.
  • A readily available training reference source quickly enhances accountability.
  • Enhanced Accountability=Enhanced Performance=Increased Production.
  • Training situations that are time consuming to set up, or must be shown in the field, can be demonstrated easily on video, cd-rom, the Web, etc.
  • Fight boredom. Trainees minds' easily wander when faced with a 'talking head' instructor with some overheads. Command attention! A presentation using video, graphics, sound, animation, interactive testing, etc. insures trainees are absorbing the information they need to know.
  • Indexing allows trainees to 'skip-around' between lessons.
  • Multi-media training can be updated quickly and inexpensively, especially compared to print materials.
  • Instant world-wide distribution, in different languages if desired.
  • Employees learn at their own speed, reducing training anxiety and resistance to new ideas.
  • In Focus Communications provides complete in-house production, including design, writing, video, animation, etc. As a result of our work, federal employees have won cash awards from the federal government.
  • Training can be done simultaneously in many places. You are not beholden to a trainer and their time schedule.
  • Our exclusive programming techniques give you more and cost you less. For instance, we can easily transfer your Web based training to CD-ROM & DVD. Typically, this is not possible.
  • Our advanced streaming methods enable the delivery of highly interactive, media-rich applications over low bandwidth connections. The streamer optimizes performance by intelligently pre-loading modules before they are needed.
  • Back-end data basing that gives you reports on everything from test scores to length of time needed to complete a test. This quickly identifies problem learning areas, that can then be rectified.
  • Multiple Question Types:
    • DRAG / DROP - Move all the objects to their correct positions.
    • HOTSPOT - Click on the correct object.
    • MULTIPLE CHOICE - Choose A, B, C, D, etc. - can have multiple correct answers, or only one.
    • TRUE / FALSE - Question is either True / False, Yes / No, etc.
    • SHORT ANSWER - User must use a specific word or words in their answer.
  • Reduce liability exposure. A single incident can leave you open to expensive litigation and losses surrounding claims of improper training.