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In-Focus Communications has a wide range of award winning broadcast and corporate video production experience. We have produced: network TV commercials, U.S. and foreign network news footage, nationally distributed entertainment, Olympics coverage, major 'live' events, and marketing and training video tapes for Fortune 500 companies.

Look Out for Land Mines!

Successful video taping includes numerous considerations other than just good camera work. Considerations such as: Should on-camera talent be hired, and if so, who? Is a narrator needed? A makeup person? A teleprompter or voice prompter? Do you need a studio? Attention must also be given to script writing, lighting, props, backgrounds, camera dollies, jibs, graphics, animation, music, and acquiring audio in the field.

As you can see, there is much more to video production than first meets the eye. In-Focus Communications has the talent and experience to help meet your goals.


In-Focus Communications brings years of experience to the table. As you will see from our references, that translates into bottom line results for your company.

Take advantage of it! When planning your next media project, give us a call and tap our brainpower. We'll give you a FREE strategic analysis. You'll love our ideas.

Working together, we'll make you a picture of success!


A marketing video is the most effective way to demonstrate your services and products in your waiting room, a computer, on CD-ROM, DVD, and the Web. Don't take our word for it. Listen to the experts. The esteemed Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania put marketing videos to the test with real, living, breathing companies. The results?

  • Marketing videos increase retention rates 50 percent, compared to print material.
  • Marketing videos increased sales across the board. In some cases, up to 10 times!

Now You Can Afford Quality

We will produce a marketing video that will increase your sales. The cost? Far below normal rates. How? By streamlining the process. Our experience? We have produced marketing video tapes for Fortune 500 firms. Check us out on the web at Want to enhance your corporate image, improve your profit picture, and make life easier? Read on:

Seeing Is Believing

Your marketing video allows prospects to SEE the numerous benefits you can deliver. Television and computers are the mediums the world relies on for fast, credible information. Seeing is believing.

YOU Get The Edge

Potential clients shop around more than ever. You have to differentiate yourself. A marketing video sets you apart from the crowd, makes your message memorable, and often closes the sale.

Now Prospects Get the Picture

Your products and services are not commodity items. They can be difficult to explain. Your marketing video will allow prospects to quickly SEE and understand the advantages you offer over the competition.


Nothing beats a marketing video in its ability to showcase your products and services to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Look at the ways your marketing video can be formatted and used: Lobby TV, Power Point, CD-ROM, DVD, Big Screen Presentation, CD-ROM Business Card, Web Site, Trade Show Monitors, Notebook Computer, etc.

Create A Sales Force

Hand out or mail your marketing video, CD-ROM or DVD to prospects and you will get all the benefits of a sales presentation in a prospect's home or office.

Proof of Performance

Prospects will SEE customers using your products and services, as well as the impressive before and after results you can deliver.

Powerful Testimonials

Think of all those times you wished you could bottle a client's "Thank You" to impress prospective clients. Now you can. Your marketing video will include 'live', powerful, trustworthy testimonials that prospects will SEE.

New Clients from the Web

Your marketing video can be seen over the Web in good quality if the viewer uses a high speed connection which is practically the norm nowadays in offices. The penetration of high speed internet connections is also growing rapidly in homes. We can put your marketing video on the Web for you. Then a whole new set of prospects will learn about your company in a memorable manner year in and year out at no on-going cost.

Saves Time

A marketing video will educate your prospects and answer many of the questions that you now spend valuable time answering. And when a prospect asks "How do I know it will work?", you can always point to the testimonials.

Inexpensive Copies

In addition to quickly paying for itself, it is inexpensive to make copies of your marketing video on tape or CD-ROM. We will print your logo and contact information directly onto the CD-ROM with a high quality 4-color inkjet printer. The CD-ROM then goes into a jewel case through which you can read the labeling. All for just $2.50 each. Video Copies are about $5.00 each. After mailing your marketing video to prospects, you can easily justify a follow-up sales call to them.

Your Very Own CD-ROM Business Card

Everyone loves CD-ROM business cards and can't wait to view them because they are so novel. Of course yours will have your marketing videotape on it. Just keep one or two on you. When you talk with a really good prospect at a meeting or ball game, hand them your CD-ROM business card. You will be making a hard sale without having to make a hard sell.

Inexpensive to Revise

It costs a fortune to revise brochures and other print material. Not so with a marketing video. We can inexpensively make changes to your video as your business changes.


You do not have to haul a VCR around to show your marketing video when you're out of the office. You can easily show it through the CD-ROM or DVD drive on your notebook computer. We can even install the video on the hard drive of your notebook or stand-a-lone computer. Then you just click on icon and the video plays. Because we will compress the video, it will not take up a lot of space on your hard drive.

Impress a Crowd

When you are making a presentation to a crowd, make a great first impression by showing your marketing video. It will break the ice and show what you are all about in a short, dramatic fashion.

Make a Splash at Trade Shows

Of course you should use your marketing video at trade shows and symposiums. Again, you can just use your notebook computer. Or you can hook up a light weight $50 DVD player to a TV. The video will catch the attention of prospects and entertain them while they are waiting to talk with you.

Low Cost TV Commercial

Ever thought of running a TV commercial? We can inexpensively reformat your marketing video into a TV commercial. We are a recommended TV commercial producer for AT & T Broadband. We can also help you make a smart buy on commercial time. Rather go with radio? We have experience producing effective radio ads and can buy commercial time that motivates your target market.

Start Reaping the Benefits

With all of the above benefits, why would you not want to get started? Our strategic planning and exciting production will boost your image, improve your profit picture, and make life easier. To get started just give us a call: 770-612-1252.