When it comes to meetings, make sure everyone sees the results of your hard work. Use a multi-media projector that brings out all the detail you put into the project. In-Focus Communications will provide you a projector that goes beyond the standard.

Our device projects at 1028 x 1024 resolution, allowing even small print from a Power Point presentation to be seen clearly. Projecting at a high luminescence, video and computer presentations can be seen in a large room, even when there are other light sources present.

Portability? Our projector weighs in at only 14 pounds and comes in a sturdy case with rollers and extended handle, exactly like an airline attendant's suit case.

Depending on the size of your audience, we can set up one of a number of large projection screens. And don't forget audio. We also hook up audio speakers and microphones, so the audience will hear the presentation as clearly as they see it.