Video editing combines video, graphics, animation, music, narration, photographs, special effects, scanned images, images from the Internet or CD-ROMs, etc. Bringing them together into an effective presentation is an art. In-Focus Communication combines artistic flair with down-to-earth business strategy to give you cost effective, targeted, and successful video presentations.

Superior Quality

We provide superior quality through our digital, non-linear, post-production system. It provides numerous advantages over typical linear production, beginning with better picture quality. Our digital hardware, state-of-the-art software, and creative artists will give you eye-catching effects, exciting 3-D animation, and stunning graphics.

Maximum Flexibility

Our non-linear technology also allows you to make changes quickly, while preserving picture quality. You can make changes months or years down the road, without losing any image detail.

Save Time and Money

In today's sophisticated marketplace, audiences expect creativity. This means creating scenes with layered images, 3-D transitions, and sophisticated effects. We constantly update our technology and training, giving you fast, state-of-the-art service.


Georgia LotteryDeVry Institute of Technology
U.S. Fish & Wildlife ServiceRich's Department Stores
'Got Milk' CampaignModern Bride Magazine
Blue Cross-Blue ShieldJ.B. Winberry Restaurants
Heavenly HamG.E. Capital
Ryder TrucksIntersound Records
Coca-Cola EnterprisesMedia One TV Advertising
Fulton County GovernmentCobb County Government


Video, Audio, Graphics & Animation

  • 3-D Digital Video Effects.
  • Hundreds of other transition effects including particle explosions, morphing, smoke, trails, sparkles, zooms, layering, and many others.
  • Unlimited layering/compositing with no generation loss.
  • Exciting 2-D & 3-D animation.
  • Axis Rotation: Total control of video placement and perspective.
  • Scaling: Put rolling video into on-screen flying boxes.
  • Clean digital chroma keying and downstream keying.
  • Sophisticated lighting manipulation.
  • Image texturing.
  • All video tape formats.
  • NTSC to PAL or PAL to NTSC foreign conversion output onto master edit tape.
  • Save complete or incomplete projects in digital format to avoid generation loss on subsequent edits.
  • Make professional quality photos from video.


  • On-site recording
  • Digital audio editing, manipulation, and time control.
  • Noise reduction and hum removal
  • Multi-track layering, panning, compression, solo/mute, pitch shifting, gating, & expansion.
  • Create audio CDs and tapes


Blending creativity and sophisticated software we produce eye-catching graphics for print, video, computer, and Web Site applications. When working on a project, we can create customized images, or import your existing graphics. Our abilities include:

  • Creating graphic designs for commercial, industrial, & business to business uses.
  • Developing creative graphics for print, film, video, and computer applications.
  • Importing your graphics and digitally manipulating them.
  • IBM & MAC capabilities.
  • Professional quality film scanning.
  • Digital retouching and manipulation of pictures, slides, graphics, film, & video.
  • Adding motion to existing or created graphics to create an inexpensive, impressive video, CD-ROM, or Web site presentation.