When you hear a narrator on TV, a video, or DVD, you only hear him once. You either 'get it' the first time around or you don't get it at all. You don't get a chance to re-read the material.

That's just one of the aspects that makes writing for broadcast and video vastly different from writing for print media. You also have to take into account: When and where to put soundbites from interview subjects. How long the soundbites should be. What types of visuals to use over narration. What type of natural live soundbites to use. What kind of concept to use to 'hook' the audience.

In other words, it is imperative that you hire a script writer for multi-media presentations that has a lot of experience in that venue, not a writer with just print experience. In Focus Communications has years of award winning multi-media writing experience.

We know how to sell your point of view to your target audience in an exciting, easy to understand, compelling manner. It all starts with the script. Don't sell yourself short.