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Sample Web Sites

The rap on web sites is that far too often they do not uphold their promise and expectations. Why? They may look great. They may function great. So what's the problem? They do not communicate. Just like any other media, web sites need to sell your story. Instead, solid marketing, design, and writing principles often get lost in the technology.

In-Focus Communications guides you through the Internet jungle and turns your web site into a profit center. First, we help you devise a sound Internet strategy. Then we create a web site that achieves your goals.

Options include everything from credit card ordering and shopping carts, to video, audio, 3-D animations, exciting graphics, inventory control, and interactive functions that can immerse your customers in the experience of using your product or service.

We can also manage the site and update it periodically. This insures you react quickly to market changes, and stay abreast of Internet technologies. Give us a call. We will make your life easier.

In-Focus Communication's Internet Strategies:

  • Providing marketing analysis and planning that insures your web site increases sales.
  • Producing creative graphics and animations using Flash and Shockwave programming.
  • Insuring your web site loads fast when accessed.
  • Increasing exposure of your web site.
  • Making secure E-Commerce sales 24-hours a day, inexpensively.
  • Quantifying web site audiences and demographics.
  • Prompting return visits to your web site.
  • Obtaining qualified sales leads from people who visit your web site.
  • Getting good placement on search engines.
  • Obtaining free advertising for your web site on the Internet.
  • Using audio and video marketing effectively.
  • Desk top video conferencing: Setup and Training.
  • Using the Internet to obtain free media publicity.
  • Establishing an Intra-net and the content for company training and education.
  • Web site hosting.