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Multi-Media Solutions

In-Focus Communications increases sales for companies like yours by first: Listening. Then we create marketing strategies, promotions, and media that drive buyers to your door.

We will show you real-world campaigns that have worked. Examples such as enhanced sales presentations, website development, video applications, obtaining free media publicity, interactive DVDs, e-mail newsletters, corporate copywriting, brochures, etc.

Our in-house media production eliminates layers of bureaucracy, reduces costs, ensures your message is on-target, and provides quick turn-around.

We also produce training programs that make your personnel much more productive while also saving time, money, and reducing liability exposure. Don’t get analysis paralysis. Start earning and saving more now. Call 770-612-1252 for a free consultation.

Our Market Assessment

We analyze core competencies, branding, product positioning, the competitive environment, demographics, etc. After producing a clear and effective marketing plan, we execute it by focusing on the target market with media such as:
Improved website content
E-mail newsletters
Video for the web, DVD, etc.
Trade show presentations
Sales promotions
Public Relations
Interactive DVDs
Multi-Media Advertising & More

Our Clients