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Helping Businesses Through The Power of Web Marketing

Web Success Strategies

The rap on websites is that far too often they do not uphold their promise and expectations. Why? They may look great. They may function great. So what’s the problem? They do not communicate. Just like any other media, websites need to sell your story. Instead, solid marketing, design, and writing principles often get lost in the technology.

Services We Provide

What We Do :

In-Focus Communications guides you through the Internet jungle and turns your social media into a tool that can promote your brand or product in a cohesive fashion. Contact us today to learn more about how we can boost your presence on social media to obtain a higher conversion rate.

Marketing Analysis & Strategy

Providing marketing analysis and planning that insures your website increases sales.

Graphic Design

Producing creative graphics and animations for you website.

Fast Page Speed

Insuring your web site loads fast when accessed.

Increased Page Views

Increasing exposure of your web site.

Audio & Video Marketing

Using audio and video marketing effectively.


Website Hosting plans are available to ensure security and decreased loading time.

Some Of Our Internet Strategies

Unique Solutions For Your Business :

  • Increasing exposure of your website.
  • Making secure E-Commerce sales 24-hours a day, inexpensively.
  • Quantifying website audiences and demographics.
  • Prompting return visits to your website.
  • Obtaining qualified sales leads from people who visit your website.
  • Getting good placement on search engines.
  • Obtaining free advertising for your website on the Internet.
  • Desk top video conferencing: Setup and Training.
  • Using the Internet to obtain free media publicity.
  • Establishing an Intra-net and the content for company training and education.

Our Clients