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Sample DVDs

Why Go DVD?

Nothing beats a DVD for being able to make a compelling, targeted presentation anywhere, anytime, reliably and fast.

DVD’s multi-media and interactive functions are exceptional for marketing, sales, training, catalogs, referencing, inventories, archiving, photo tours, recruiting, etc. DVDs hold a lot of interactive graphical information—up to four hours of video and other media.

Lots of Options

With interactivity, you can choose the specific information you want to present at a particular time to a particular audience from a large menu.

To make a persuasive presentation you have all the modern communications tools at your disposal: video, narration, animation, music, pictures, text, headlines, graphics, motion graphics, as well as directly linking to selected websites.

Why Us?

In Focus Communications has award winning experience, provides strategic consulting, and produces complete solutions in-house. It all adds up to Value: presentations that accomplish your goals at a good price without the stress of dealing with a lot of vendors. We don’t stop there. With our unique abilities, we give you Value Added as you’ll see below.

To produce your marketing or training DVD, we will help you:

  • Develop a strategic plan through a consulting process.
  • Create an architectural and interactive blue print.
  • Write the text.
  • Create the most cost effective media.
  • Conduct all software programming and testing.
  • Produce duplications in a variety of packaging choices.
  • Maximize your investment through cross-purposing.

Target Marketing

Interactivity lets you adjust sales presentations to specific clients. For instance, during a sales call wouldn’t you like to instantly show a 20-second video of an industry heavy hitter complimenting your company?

Imagine then taking that same DVD to a trade show and displaying a continuously playing 3-minute marketing video at your booth. Of course you’ll want to give DVDs to good prospects you talk with so they can really see how your company will help them.

That is just some of the marketing magic a DVD will put at your finger tips—with In Focus Communication’s strategic solutions.

Value Added

With our unique abilities, we’ll give your DVD ‘legs’ by cross-purposing the whole DVD, or parts of it, to your website. Since we will already be familiar with your goals, positioning, media assets, etc, we’ll cross-purpose your DVD for a lot less than starting from ground zero with a web firm.

DVD Training Cuts Costs, Increases Efficiencies

A training DVD produced by In Focus Communications will:

  • Assure quality control of the training message. First time. Every time.
  • Re-create ‘field’ conditions in the classroom or office.
  • Increase worker efficiency through improved performance.
  • Provide immediate technical, repair, or other reference information.
  • Free managers for more important tasks than repetitive training.
  • Reduce insurance and legal liabilities and their associated costs.
  • Provide employee testing and scores that can be retrieved from a restricted web site.

More Value Added

Make your DVD deliver an even bigger payback. With our experience, we can take elements from your marketing or training DVD and re-purpose them into other valuable media assets such as: Power Point presentations, brochures and sales slicks, E-mail newsletters, DVD business cards, print and video news releases that win free media publicity, etc. We’ll show you how we’ve done it for others.

Why Now?

With all the advantages we can put at your finger tips, every day you wait is another lost opportunity to make or save more. Give us a call and let’s throw some fire power at your competition.