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Effective marketing constantly reaches out and 'touches' your customer base. Now you can do that more effectively and less costly than ever before.

With a touch of a button you can reach your entire customer base with video, graphics, animation, text, pictures, graphs, narration, and music through an Enhanced E-mail produced by In Focus Communications. It's all done through a fast, regular link on the email, not an attachment.

Has a new key manager come on board? Their personal message can be emailed on video around the globe with a touch of a button. Want to show off a new product? You can show it in action along with testimonials from pleased clients.

Do you need to explain a change in policy to employees? With a touch of a button your explanation containing video, moving graphics, headlines, text, and pictures will land in the email box of every employee.

These enhanced E-mails take your message directly to your target audience without the hassle of meetings, one shot web casts, etc. Give us a call and we'll show you how to get even more mileage out of your E-Mail investment dollars.